Fungal Nails

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Fungal Nails Many people develop a fungal nail infection at some point in their life. It’s not usually serious, but can be unpleasant and difficult to treat. The infection develops slowly and causes the nail to become discoloured, thickened and distorted. Toenails are more frequently affected than the fingernails. The medical name for a fungal nail infection is


Corns & Calluses

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Corns and calluses are areas of hard, thickened skin that develop when the skin is exposed to excessive pressure or friction. They commonly occur on the feet and can cause pain and discomfort when you walk. Corns Corns are small circles of thick skin that usually develop on the tops and sides of toes or on


Children’s Feet

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Several foot issues can be inherited by your kids. There are things which can be done to help reduce the effect of this on your children.       littleSTEPS® are pre-fabricated foot orthoses specifically designed for kids. littleSTEPS® provide an affordable alternative to expensive custom foot orthoses while delivering a prescription based correction. This promotes


Peroneal Tendonitis

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This is a condition due to either acute (sudden) or chronic (developing over a long period) overloading of the Peroneal Tendons. As a result of this overloading the tendons become injured and inflamed. In this condition the foot hurts along the outer part of the foot. You may also feel soreness below the ankle and


Achilles Tendonitis

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Achilles Tendon is the largest, as well as the strongest tendon, which is situated at the back of the ankle. It is one of the most commonly damaged tendons especially amongst athletes. Achilles Tendonitis is also referred as Achilles Tendinopathy in which the tendon is injured as a result of repetitive stress or overuse,leading to degeneration


Diabetes Foot Problems

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People with diabetes have to look after their feet because diabetes can cause poor circulation and loss of sensation in the feet. As a result of poor circulation, wounds and cuts will take long to heal and can lead to infection. Furthermore, diabetes can cause loss of sensation (peripheral neuropathy), which you may not be


Athlete’s Foot

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Athelete’s Foot is a very common problem but is simple and quick to treat. Why Athletes Foot Occurs Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection. Its symptoms are peeling of the skin, redness, scaling, intense itching and small blisters. It occurs on moist, wet skin that affects the toes, and can also cause peeling skin around the heels



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A verruca is a very common problem but is simple and quick to solve. A verruca is simply a wart, which is found on the soles of the feet and around the toes. In its early stages a verruca can appear as: Small, dark dots, which later change to grey or brown and is surrounded by


Ingrowing Toenail

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An ingrowing toenail is when the nail pierces the flesh of the toe. It can feel extremely painful. In more severe cases, it can cause pus and bleeding. Here is a step by step process of an ingrowing toenail treated recently.  Before Operation  Cutting of the nail during the surgery  Toenail immediately after the operation



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A bunion is a condition in which the big toe is pushed towards the second toe, causing the big toe joint to veer out of its natural straight line position of a normal foot. The bunion actually refers to the bone of the big toe, which forms a large sac of fluid that is also


Heel Pain / Plantar Fascitis

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Heel pain is quite common in active people from children to adults. There are some several types of Heel pain that effect many people, the most common are: Heel Spurs (Plantar Fasciitis) Heel Bumps Heel Bursitis Why Heel Pain Occurs Heel pain develops when your heel constantly hits the ground when walking, exercising, and running.


Runner’s Knee

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The knee joint is a complex joint consisting of the patella (knee cap), tibia and the femur. Runner’s knee is also known as Anterior Knee Pain, Patella Femoral Pain Syndrome and Chondromalacia Patella (softening of the cartilage). Painful Joints Painful Knee Causes of Runner’s Knee Pain Mechanical overload/overuse of the joint due to bio-mechanical abnormality