Morton’s Neuroma

What is it?
It is a painful condition, which effects between two toes, where the nerves that supplies those two toes thickens and becomes squeezed, emitting jabs of pain.

What causes it?
The nerve that supplies both the toes thickens and becomes squeezed in the narrow gap between the two bones. The pain can be caused through repeated pressure, most commonly in women who are likely to wear more confining shoes.

Signs & Symptoms
You will feel pain beneath the two toes; it can be any number of symptoms such as:

  • Sharp, jabbing pain
  • A type of electric shock pain, especially when walking

It is best to be examined by the podiatrist, where it will involve squeezing of the toes and trigger a ‘clicking’ sensation (also known as Maulder’s Click) and cause the characteristic pain, which may lead to loss of sensation to the toes causing pins and needles.

After your examination you may be referred for ann Ultrasound scan or MRI (Magnet Resonance Imaging), which will not only confirm the thickening of the nerve but also pin point the exact location of the pain.


  • Wide fitting footwear and shoes with thick soles will ease or even stop the symptoms of pain.
  • Other conservative treatments include the use of orthotics (foot inserts to align your feet and body) using shoe inserts to spread the pressure of pain across the foot.
  • Steroid injections (maximum 3) may help to alleviate the pain although it may be a short term solution as the pain may or may not come back.
  • Other treatments can be laser treatment or undergo minor surgery under a local anaesthetic.
  • Acupuncture
  • Orthotics

Podiatrist Consultation
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