Are you fed up of painful and ugly verruca? Do you want to get rid of them for good?

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Marigold Therapy

We have found that many patients have advised us that the off the counter remedies for verruca have not worked for them because the strength of the Salicylic acid is not strong enough.

At our clinic we use a combination treatment which consists of using a stronger Salicylic acid (60%) which is required to ‘ blast’ those stubborn verruca cells however we also use the marigold treatment in conjunction to ‘ soften the blow’ as the acid treatment can sometimes be a little painful. The marigold treatment is especially suitable and used for younger children and diabetics patients as their skin is more sensitive and this is a more gentle and pain free treatment.

We have been using this form of treatment for the over 10 years and have a very good success rate, please see our testimonials.

There is an article on the Telegraph website about this treatment:

“It is hard to see how a paste made of crushed marigolds could treat a problem that normally requires painful surgery, but clinical trials and hundreds of happy patients suggest that it can. The condition is bunions and the treatment is carried out in the Marigold Clinic at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, where the small yellow plant and others are used for other common foot problems, including corns, fungal infections and verrucae.

The special properties of marigolds – there are 57 species – were identified more than 20 years ago by Dr Taufiq Khan, a homoeopath and chiropodist, who experimented with various plants and founded the clinic. He discovered that some species, such as the familiar calendula officinalis, promote cellular activity – and are therefore useful for healing – while others, including tagetes, break down abnormal cells such as those found in calluses and verrucae.

Marigold therapy is gentle, non-invasive and without adverse reactions, It is quick-acting, safe and suitable for everybody including the very young and the very old and those who are on other medication and especially for diabetic patients.”

So just to give you a quick overview on how do we treat the verruca at our clinic….

  1. We gently debride any dead skin that may be covering the wart.
  2. We will then apply Salicylic Acid or Marigold dressing weekly until the wart is removed.
  3. Once the wart is removed we finish off the treatment with an Antiviral Marigold oil and tincture application to ensure all traces of the verruca has disappeared.