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Highly Recommended

Both Ramesh and Sue gave invaluable advice and treatment for my daughter with both her legs and her feet. We have seen great improvement with her physical ability and comfort level thanks for Ramesh’s help. Highly recommend!


Life changing experience !

I went to my appointment with little hope the bursitis in my hip could be helped, nothing else had.
I have been amazed at what a difference has been made. I have gone from limping everywhere in constant pain, not being able to sleep on that side at night and now no pain at all.
Over a few weeks with my orthotics my life has changed completely.
I can walk the dogs now, sleep anyway I like. No longer do I have pain or have to avoid walking.
Thank you doesn’t even begin to say the difference you have made to me.
Without hesitation I recommend treatment to regain control of your life.

My husband had constant back pain, back agony. He has also found huge relief with his orthotics. He has virtually no pain now.
He has gone from considering extensive back surgery to walking normally with no pain.


Walking without pain!

When I was diagnosed with “Plantar Fasciitis” (Foot Pain) by my G.P. I was in so much pain when walking, that it effected my knees and hip because of my unusual gait.  I have been so fortunate to have had treatment by Ramesh Mistry, a Specialist Podiatrist, who has truly worked hard to get me back on my feet again.  Together with Sue, his wife, I have had exceptional treatment and care from my first appointment.

My special orthotics and treatment have enabled me to walk normally again without pain.  My experience with “feetness podiatry” has been filled with gratitude for their professional care and enabling me to lead a normal life again.  I have no hesitation in highly recommending this podiatry clinic.

Juliet (Torbay – Auckland)

Juliet Gordon

Not happy at all in

Not happy at all in more pain than when i went there, did everything wrong wont be going back and got ripped off

Feetness Podiatry: “We are sorry that you are not happy with the treatment provided. We discussed the treatment and price with you prior and during your consultation. We feel we did our best to help you and when you walked out of our clinic you said you were ‘happy and pain free’.”

Nola Ansell

Playing Football Again

This year I decided to start playing football again after a 20+ year lay off but unfortunately after my first few games I developed severe pain in my calf muscles.
I tried to manage the pain myself but didnt make any progress – I got to the point where I thought my comeback was over!
By a chance meeting I visited Feetness and started to make an immedtiate recovery – after 4-6 weeks the progress made has exceeded my expectations. I am now back playing football but just as importantly I am noticing an overall improvement in my overall mobility.
I would definitely recommend their service to others.

Russell Fisher


Great! Ramesh and Sue are awesome. I have been to podiatrists before but have not been to any that are as good as these guys!

They work so well together and explain everything in ways that you understand!


Experiencing Considerable Discomfort

In the latter months of 2016 I was experiencing considerable discomfort in my feet, which extended up my legs resulting in very stiff muscles and lower back pain. I do have arthritis through my body and as this is medicated so I sought advice. My GP identified I had flat feet and that I should find a Podiatrist for an opinion on treatment of my ongoing discomfort. I had previously seen a Podiatrist at the AUT Millennium so on their advice I contacted I contact Feetness Podiatry, who consulted at the Medical Centre at Millennium. I contacted Feetness and arranged a consultation a few days later in early November. Ramesh Mistry, recently arrived from England, assisted by his wife Sue examined my feet and reviewed my general well being. I left the first consultation, having been treated for leg muscle stiffness, plantar fasciitis, arthritic foot joints and the lower back pain, with considerable relief to the discomfit I was experiencing. Ramesh recommended orthotics to counter the flat feet and this was duly organised after electronic analysis of my foot action. While waiting for the orthotics to be made, I followed a selection of basic exercises to strengthen some of the weakened muscles and I found I could return to most of my usual exercise routines – like walking 5 to 10 km. three times a week.
Now three months later I am back doing full work routines including exercising and am finding the discomfort is diminishing, to the point of having days when I can forget about the issue, which means I over-extend the load on the feet and quickly get reminded they are not fully recovered – it will take a little longer yet.
I am impressed with the results and would not hesitate to recommend my friends and associates to Feetness Podiatry if they have similar discomfort with their feet.
Thanks to Ramesh for his professional advice and actions and to Sue for her management of the administration asptects.


What our U.K customer said about us…

Stubborn Verrucas
Mar 08, 2016 by Shirley Savage
Location Visited: Loughborough, UK 

I tried for a long time to deal with my verucca problem at home and failed, I wasted so much money on a variety of treatments that never did work. When I got yet another new batch of verrucas around my big toe I decided it was time to seek expert help, I went to see Ramesh and Sue. I must admit I was very sceptical when they told me that they would treat the batch of new veruccas and the older ones would disappear along with them. Amazingly just a few short months later I am now verruca free, even the most stubborn verruca that I've had on my heal for many years has now completely gone. This is not a cheap quick fix, it is a value for money long term solution to a persistent problem. I cannot thank Ramesh and Sue enough for their help in dealing with this in a calm, professional and kind manner.

Thank You!
Mar 07, 2016 by Philip
Location Visited: Leicester/Loughborough UK 

I visited Ramesh and Sue in late 2015, as I have diabetes and had an ingrown toenail.

They provided a comforting and warm service, and were truly professional in their treatment. They were prepared to accommodate me and sacrifice their own free time in order to ensure that my recovery was going as planned. I would recommend Feetness Podiatry to anyone who requires treatment, care or surgery of any kind.

I cannot thank Ramesh and Sue enough for their help and care! A true example to the medical profession!

Ingrowing toenails
Feb 01, 2016 by David Smallridge
Location Visited: Nottingham and Loughborough, UK 

I first visited Ramesh and Sue in early 2015 to assess ongoing problems with ingrowing toenails.
I obtained an appointment almost immediately and Ramesh explained carefully how best to treat the problems, which essentially involved either full or partial nail removal depending upon the toe.
Appointments were immediately scheduled to resolve the problems and I was impressed throughout by the professional treatment and after care provided.
I would recommend Feetness without hesitation to anyone suffering problems with their feet.
A very happy customer.

Jun 19, 2015 by Luke Williams
Location Visited: Nottingham, UK 

I came to Dr Mistry feeling very negative and had lost hope that my injury would ever resolve itself. I had been struggling with ankle and knee problems for nearly a year as a result of ankle ligament damage and issues with my gait and loss of strength/mobility. I am a keen footballer and a very sporty person, so as you can imagine, being unable to do what I love for an entire year was very depressing and made me very down. Dr Mistry immediately gave me confidence that the problem would resolve if treated properly, which was great to hear after months of negativity and getting nowhere.
He immediately recognised the issues with my ankle and gave a clear explanation of the problem to me, something I was yet to receive from 10 months of physio. He explained how my ankle instability had in turn impacted my knee due to poor foot placement and mobility.
He then went on to assess my gait with a gait scanner and explained the results to me very clearly. He also explained the importance of correcting the problems with my gait with custom made orthotics, which were ordered for me by his wife Sue with no delay. The insoles seem expensive at first but there is no price tag on your health and wellbeing so it was a no brainer to invest in them for me.
He also gave me a stretching and strengthening programme for the affected area to assist the work of the insoles and to rehabilitate the problem areas.
After 3 weeks the insoles arrived and now, after 2 months, I have returned to sport and weight lifting with no signs of the issue. I also received a cortisone injection in the inflamed area of my knee by my doctor, which assisted the insoles by reducing any inflammation, allowing me to perform more strengthening/stretching exercises.
Overall, Dr Mistry and his wife Sue gave me a great confidence boost and top class treatment. I can’t believe I wasn’t referred to them sooner! I am so happy with my treatment and the following results that I recommend them to anyone who has any sort of foot/joint pain that they can’t account for.

Response: Thank you very much for taking time to give us a fantastic review Luke. We are happy that we have been able to help you and will continue to support your progress. Sue and Ramesh Mistry

Nail Evulsion
May 28, 2015 by Emma Baruah
Location Visited: Nottingham, UK 

I was treated for an infected toe nail which was extremely painful.
The whole experience was extremely professional. During the treatment they were really informative and the aftercare was amazing too. Would highly recommend.

Absolutely Brilliant!!
May 26, 2015 by Lauren Helliwell
Location Visited: Loughborough, UK 

I have had a very large verruca which has been on my foot for years and I had sort treatment in various other places which was extremely painful and wasn't effective at all. This was until I came to the Feetness Podiatry in Loughborough where it has been painless and my verruca has gone completely. The service was warm and very personable and I have thoroughly enjoyed coming every week and it is an amazing service. Thank you for everything!!!!

Life Changer!
Apr 25, 2015 by libby wilkinson
Location Visited: Nottingham/Melton Mowbray, UK 

My son Charlie (17) would not be without his insoles - what an amazing difference they make to him. It is now 18 months since his initial assessment with Ramesh and I can't believe that he has been pain free all this time.
Diagnosed with tight Achilles tendons aged 7 Charlie had at least 6 lots of plaster casts to his lower legs aged 7-8 as well as years of 'hospital boots' and 'storm trooper' style splits to wear at night (which were very uncomfortable/painful). Aged 10 the pain was preventing him from playing sport and he was referred to another consultant who recommended that both his legs were broken in two places, plated and pinned! Thankfully Charlie decided not to go ahead with the surgery at the last minute and managed the pain with regular physio/ibuprofen and stretching exercises... often unable to play more than 3/4 of a game of rugby he is now delighted that he never has to come off through leg/foot pain as his insoles slip straight into all his footwear. We are so grateful for what you have done for Charlie, it has been quite simply - life changing!

Thank you
Jan 20, 2015 by Nigel
Location Visited: Nottingham, UK 

The amount of information you were able to provide based on the assessment and scan were fascinating, particularly to Paula who has a nursing background. The most important thing however was the level of confidence you provided to my daughter that the problem she had been experiencing could be effectively mitigated and she would not be forced to choose between pain and sport. She has used the insoles that Ramesh made for her in her school shoes and casual trainers as well as to play football on grass and astro and run cross country, and experienced none of the discomfort she described to you on Wednesday. To say she is pleased is a massive understatement.

Thank you so much to both of you for your professionalism and caring approach.

Jul 17, 2014 by David Walker
Location Visited: Nottingham, UK 

It is at times like this when I really wish I had taken before and after shots! I went to see Ramesh and Sue with Chronic foot pain. Not only did they diagnose me in one session (it had taken 3 specialists and 2 hospitals 2 months thus far) but they fixed the problem within 2 weeks by fitting soles into my shoes which have totally changed the way I walk and feel.

They also recommended I take a course of action on my nails to rectify my (at the time) fungal nails. I am amazed at the difference, they no longer look like my own feet and am finally after almost 20 years confident enough to wear flip flops without scaring people!

Ramesh and Sue are caring individuals, that stick to what they say. Without hesitation I would recommend them to anyone with problem feet..

Wished we'd found you earlier!
Jul 10, 2014 by Chris Clark
Location Visited: Nottingham, UK 

My daughter has been suffering with knee pain for a number of years and countless hospital appointments failed to find the cause of the problem. Ramesh found a solution within our first session. He explained the issues in a clear and concise way and presented solutions to the problem which included exercises and a specially manufactured insole. This has really made a significant difference to my daughters life.

Thank you!!

Proffesional and Caring
Jun 28, 2014 by Jennifer Spencer
Location Visited: Loughborough and Nottingham, UK 

What lovely people Ramesh and his wife Sue are very proffesional but combined with a very caring nature both of
Them put me at my ease instantly.
I had come in considerable pain with toes not able to move at
All but very quickly and expertly examined by Ramesh my feet
Started to feel a lot better in a very short space of time.
I also had my feet tested for orthotics and they arrived three weeks later and now wearing them every day I can now get back to my long walks and workout in the gym which I
thought At one time would not be able to do for much longer because of the pain getting more unbarable each day.
I cannot thank you enough and I would highly recommend these two lovely people
My kindest regards
Jennifer Spencer

Morton's Neuroma
Apr 22, 2014 by Suzanne Perry
Location Visited: Loughborough, UK 

Having suffered from acute pain in my left foot for years, my performance in running was suffering badly. Any run over 90 minutes resulted in severe pain, having sort the help of a few professionals over the years, Ramesh was the first person to look me in the eye and tell me he could fix to my ears, I can assure you! A thorough consultation, gait analysis and orthotics prescribed, I left the clinic feeling happy, relaxed and very optimistic. 3 weeks later my orthotics arrived and I have now been running pain free for 6 weeks, including 4 runs of over 2 hours. Ramesh did exactly what he said he would, he fixed me and for that I\'m eternally grateful. Thank you Ramesh & Sue 🙂

Foot and Knee pain
Apr 11, 2014 by Sam
Location Visited: Loughborough, UK 

Both my wife and have been treated by Ramesh and sue for different problems.we have run a busy riding centre for over 40years constantly on our feet for 10hrs plus per day. My wife considered giving up riding because of her foot pain.for myself had left hip,knee and right foot pain.After a friendly consultation. Gait analysis and prescribed exercise we have our life back. I was sceptical but now thoroughly recommend them as dose my wife. Thank you both

Instant pain relief
Apr 10, 2014 by Leanne
Location Visited: The GAIA Centre, UK 

This is the second time I have been treated by Ramesh Mistry for an ingrown toenail, having had nail surgery on my other foot a couple of years ago. After once again struggling to get shoes on and finding driving extremely painful, I decided to go back and get the other foot sorted! Sue and Ramesh fitted me in extremely quickly and the day after the procedure I was completely pain free. Excellent, friendly and professional service- I would highly recommend!

Heel and toes
Apr 09, 2014 by Ian Williamson
Location Visited: Loughborough, UK 

Amazing went in could not walk came out dancing!!!
Seriously very good and the shoe inserts work a treat, I could not walk around the golf course, now I can walk 18 holes without any pain. Throughly recommend these guys.

Professional and Holistic
Feb 04, 2014 by John
Location Visited: Sutton Coldfield, UK 

The heel pain that I had been suffering with for several months was very quickly and professionally diagnosed by Sue and Ramesh. They communicate confidence and you immediately trust their advice and within only a few weeks I felt the great benefit of using the personally designed orthotics and following the exercise regime.
I was pain free in such a short time; clearly demonstrating their clinical expertise, with a strong, holistic approach.
I whole heartedly recommend their services.

Sep 29, 2013 by Lisa
Location Visited: Nottingham, UK 

After months of pain & trips to my GP with Achilles heel tedonitis & severe foot pain I visited Ramesh & his wife Sue. After a consultation, examination & foot gait analysis I was given advice, exercises & orthotics. What a difference! I always come out of the clinic like I'm walking on air, especially after the acupuncture session! Ramesh & Sue are both professional & caring, & make you feel at ease. Absolutely amazing!

Response: Thank you so much Lisa it was our pleasure. We are happy to help at any time you need us.

Orthotics for Children
Sep 17, 2013 by Sue Clarke
Location Visited: Loughborough, UK 

I recently visited Ramesh and his wife in Loughborough with my 14 year old daughter. For a couple of years now I have been worried about the way she "leans" over in shoes; GPs were dismissive. I then saw the offer on Living Social and thought "why not". I am SO glad I did this. Ramesh examined and explained both current problems and future issues to me and my daughter - their technology enabled us to get tailor made orthotics. We have just started to use them and to do the daily exercises and so far so good! I can't wait to see what the next few months holds. Fabulous personal service from Sue and Ramesh - many thanks.

Response: Thank you so much for your feedback Sue, it was our pleasure to meet you so glad we were able to help your lovely daughter. Sue and Ramesh

Excellent, professional care
Jul 15, 2013 by Neil Fraser
Location Visited: Home, UK 

Ramesh's expert assessment and treatment sorted out my Achilles tendinitis a treat. He used the latest technology coupled with his skill and experience; the exercises and orthotics allowed me to run a marathon in a personal best time a few months later....
Thanks Ramesh

I have spent years trying to get help for my foot problems
Jun 17, 2013 by Mary Doughty
Location Visited: Leicester, UK 

I have spent years trying to get help for my foot problems going from one podiatrist to another and having really bad orthotics which caused more problems to the point I could barely walk.
I had to have two major operations on the foot but still need to wear orthotics. After all the work I had done on my foot the orthotics I was given at the hospital were so bad they crippled me thank goodness I was recommend to go to Ramesh Mystry I felt as though he really cared about my problems he gave good advice and simple exercises to do also I went on the gait scan and now have the most comfortable orthotics I can\'t believe the difference it has made, I\'m walking further each day I have no foot pain it\'s made such a difference to my life after years of hardly being able to walk at all with pain. I recommend, any one with foot problems to see Ramesh
he really cares I\'ve seen him a few times now along with his lovely wife Sue

Thanks Ramesh

Excellent serivce with excellent results
May 06, 2013 by Anna
Location Visited: Loughborough, UK 

I have always had problems with fallen arches in my feet and a few years ago I visited an NHS podiatrist who provided me with some orthotic insoles. They didn't last and were never able to fully relieve my pain.

I visited Ramesh Mistry in Loughborough, when my shin splints had got too bad for me to do sport and just standing was causing me pain. The service was great, and the gait scan really shows you where the problems are originating from. Between the exercises I was given and the sports insoles that I recieved 3 weeks later, I am now able to walk and run with no pain.

At my check up a few weeks later I ordered a second pair of insoles for more day to day shoes and I now wear them all the time!

It is the best investment that I have made in a long long time and I will be back if my insoles ever start to degrade I will be able to get them recovered and then they should be back to good as new! Any one with any form of joint problems should try a visit to Ramesh, as it amazing how many different aches and pains can come from your feet and how good it feels when they all go away!!!

Life Changing Experience - Dec 2012
Dec 14, 2012 by Suzanne Whitling
Location Visited: Leicester, UK 

I am delighted to have the chance to tell you about the life changing work Ramesh Mistry has done on my feet.

I used to enjoy long walks in the countryside, but the distances I could walk started to reduce. This was because after a time walking, I would be affected by excruciating pain. The distances I could walk before being affected by this reduced as I got older. I had inherited my father’s poor bone structure in my feet. It was clear to me that, unless I could get some treatment, I would suffer the same discomfort in my old age as he had.  For him, eventually, just standing was uncomfortable. However, no medical intervention was available at that time.

I did not know what help would be possible for me, and I had visions of bones having to be broken and reset, to get my feet back into shape. However, the solution was much cleverer and more sophisticated, with minimal disruption to my life, and pain free.

Ramesh explained that the problem with my feet was that I was carrying my weight on the centre of the ball of the foot, not across the whole of the ball of the foot. This was why I was getting pain. In addition, this was also causing me to have clawed toes. Ramesh examined the way I walked and the way I stood. He then adjusted a pair of orthotics (specially shaped inner soles) to encourage my feet back to the shape they needed to be. It is a little like using a brace to correct teeth.  I visited him approximately once a month, when he assessed my progress, and readjusted the orthotics. After 6 months he advised that my feet had been adjusted as far as possible. They were visibly very different shaped feet from when I first saw him.  I was then given a permanent pair of orthotics designed specifically for my feet. Recently I have done walks of up to 6 hours in the countryside, which would have been impossible 3 years ago.

This is not the end of the story. My son, now in his early 20’s has my foot structure. He is also a keen athlete.  Ramesh had previously said to me that it would have been better for me to have had corrective action on my feet when I was much younger. Encouraged by the great success in improving my own feet, I introduced my son to Ramesh. Using the new gait scan, he was quickly able to complete a scientific analysis of my son’s feet. Orthotics were ordered specifically for his needs and also took into account the type of sporting activity he does. Hopefully  his early intervention will mean he will never suffer the problems that his mother and grandfather faced.

Verrucas Treatment
Dec 09, 2012 by Joanna Gibson
Location Visited: Leicester, UK 

Around five years ago I discovered I had verrucas on the bottom of both of my feet. Now I wish I could say that there were just a few there, however that was not the case. I managed to count at least 20 on my right foot and another 15 on my left foot. I am the kind of person that gets anxious quite easily, and so as you can probably imagine I was really worried about the amount I found and wondered what I was going to do. The thought of ‘What if they spread even more!' kept going through my mind. Not only was I trying to deal with the verrucas, I was also trying to get rid of three stubborn warts on my hand that had been there for much longer than the verrucas on my feet. I had a few trips to the wart clinic to have the warts frozen off, however this was never successful and I must have got through several tubes of bazuka trying to get rid of both my warts and verrucas, but still had no luck! Doctors in the past whom I would show my warts and verrucas to would tell me to ‘keep being persistent with them and they will go'. Unfortunately this was not the case for me.

I became very embarrassed about my feet and it took me a lot of courage to go and see the doctor as I was so afraid about what he would say and if I would find that I had something serious wrong with me. Fortunately this was not the case at all. I went back to my local surgery to see a new doctor and I showed him my hands and feet. He confirmed that they were verrucas on my feet and warts on my hand and he could see that I was very upset and that they were troubling me. They caused me a lot of pain and discomfort at times. The doctor admitted that because of the amount I had he would not be able to treat them for me, as they are extremely difficult to get rid of. He was then finally able to bring me hope, as he mentioned that his daughter had the same trouble as me getting rid of her verrucas and warts that she had for years and no matter what they tried they couldn't get rid of them either. He then took his daughter to see Ramesh Mistry, who was able to treat them! The doctor gave me Ramesh's contact details and was able to get an appointment very quickly. The treatment took around 12 weeks because of the amount of verrucas that I had. I am pleased to say that the treatment was very successful and I am now completely free of verrucas on both of my feet and the warts on my hands have completely gone! I was truly amazed and I cannot emphasise how happy I am! I highly recommend Ramesh's treatment. I am now free to swim again and I can't wait to try shoes on when I next go shopping! My confidence has come on leaps and bounds and I am less anxious than I was at the start. This treatment really has been life changing for me.

Natural and sage Marigold treatment
Nov 01, 2012 by Sue Wells
Location Visited: Leicester, UK 

At a consultation with Mr Mistry, he told me about the Marigold treatment for bunions and I decided to go to him for the course. My bunions were quite painful but I still maintained a high level of fitness, however, after walking for a period, they were very uncomfortable and inflamed, but I was willing to try anything then go down the surgery route.

From week one of having the marigold paste on, the inflammation was reduced and although having to leave the dressing on for a week at a time this did not cause discomfort at all. I could also shower and the pad stayed in place and dried quickly.

I am now applying the tinture and oil and I am delighted with continued improvement. I have not experienced any of the previous discomfort, and yes, I still have bunions but the inflammation surrounding them has greatly improved.

The treatment in my opinion, is really worth a try and I would recommend it to anyone in the same situation.

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